Letter from a RINO

A blog reader sent a thought-provoking guest column. Enjoy!


Guest columnist: Tex Adams

Yep, the people belonging to the ‘in-crowd’ of the Republican party are right. I’m a RINO. They have tried sticking this label on myself and others as if that will somehow allow them to justify their antics. With the vitriol used to spew that moniker, it’s almost like they thought it would hurt my feelings or compel me to toe their line of social lunacy.

They were right about me being a Republican In Name Only, but that’s where it ends. They also like to call me a far-right conservative, but I’m not really a conservative. They have several names, or terms, they enjoy throwing around. All the while, many of them lay claim to being a Constitutional Conservative. That’s where their ignorance shines through, because there is no such thing. The US Constitution, to which they are referring, is a set of limits placed on the federal government. Everything not specifically mentioned is a freedom left to the states and us as citizens. The document they claim to revere is neither conservative or liberal and to say there is such thing as a constitutional conservative is to open the door for there being a constitutional liberal. It doesn’t work that way.

It took me a while to understand that it really was me and not them who was the RINO. When it finally clicked though, things became crystal clear. All the way back to Lincoln and his little fight where he pissed all over state’s rights, the Republicans have enjoyed their wars and their own brands of taxation coupled with social justice. Sure, they will deny it, but when they see you aren’t buying it, then out comes the Bible and they are trying to tell you it’s God’s intent. I think if God were to ever get the ear of some of these people, he’d probably say something along the lines of, “Hey, Dumbass, worry about your own business and quit worrying about everyone else.” Of course, I could be wrong.

The Wyoming Republican Party has 19 core values listed on their platform. Seriously? The Bill Of Rights and the Ten Commandments are both limited to 10 items. Do the Republicans really believe there were things not covered, or does it perhaps have something to do with their affection for big government and telling people how to live? When you get into the list of Core Values and start reading, you will find several of these actually cancel one another out. 

It is stated, “Every citizen is equal before, equally protected by, and equally subject to, the law.” When you look at their views on religion, marriage and family though, you can quickly see they don’t really mean that whole equality thing. Equality and freedom of religion are already mentioned in our state constitution. If Republicans were truly in support of freedom and limited government like they profess, they would be making every effort to get government out of the marriage business and we wouldn’t be prying into people’s private lives. Who are we to say who should or shouldn’t be parents? I know a lot of heterosexual couples I wouldn’t allow to watch my dog and they sure as hell shouldn’t be rearing children. Just because a person leads a different lifestyle doesn’t automatically deem them fit or unfit as parents.

Almost every Republican I know claims to support a person’s right to bear arms, but there have been more than a few Wyoming Republicans who have tried their damndest to take that right away. Yeah, right here in Wyoming. I even recently read where one staunch Republican wanted the rights of another stripped away, because he didn’t agree with what was being said.

How can they honestly say they support liberty, when we have things like civil asset forfeiture in place? Or how about the pot laws? We have been in this so called War On Drugs since the Nixon administration, yet we still have them everywhere. Hell, we even have drugs throughout our prison systems. Speaking of which, we have the largest prison population on earth. Why? America is supposed to be about freedom, but we have private prison and pharmaceutical industries that love our drug laws. Why are Republicans not fixing this debacle? Prohibition doesn’t work. We proved that with the Volstead Act. The Republicans keep supporting those drugs laws and by extension, private prisons and big pharma. Take all your BS about personal freedoms and limited government elsewhere, because we ain’t buying it anymore.

How come Republicans claim to support the responsible use of taxes and stipulate they only be used for the constitutional purposes of government, but then turn around and implement programs that cut out legitimate business? Why do we have numerous rainy day accounts and savings accounts? If we have extra funds or enough money to bribe businesses to come here, we are being taxed too damn much. If we have enough surplus to allow government entities to step into the roles of property development, lending and diversification planning, we are being taxed too damn much. How can Republicans say they support private enterprise and capitalist principles, while electing people who continually grow and expand government on our dime? 

This list could go on for a while, but you get the idea. This IS the Republican Party. They have been this way for a long damn time and they are making no signs of changing. So yeah, this is Wyoming and if you want to have any sort of voice in Wyoming you need to at least claim to be a Republican. Myself and many others don’t hold with all the BS though. God and the Founders thought it prudent to keep the rules limited to ten and I’ve not met anyone within the party who is on par with either. I refuse to compromise my personal values and I don’t adhere to the party’s rule of thumb that a person only need to agree with 80% to be a Republican. How about you people scale back that list to only the essentials and then demand those who represent you fall in line? This long list of supposed values and all the wiggle room you allow is a farce and is exactly why we have a party full of people supporting big government, high taxes and social programs. It is also why there are a patriotic few who will proudly claim the title of RINO.

Tex Adams

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  1. “Every citizen is equal before, equally protected by, and equally subject to, the law.”

    I wrote that plank as well as a few other planks in the Platform.

    I meant it then and I mean it now.

    It is unfortunate that other "Republicans" don't give a damn about the Platform


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